Process Visibility Highlighted by St Charles Consulting Group Exclusive Sponsorship at APQC’s 2013 Process Conference



by Shawn Eckert

St. Charles Consulting Group has long been a proponent of integrating People, Process and Technology through Process Visibility. This fall we are sponsoring the APQC’s 2013 Process Conference in Houston, TX October 23-25th. APQC’s annual process conference is a gathering for thought leaders in the process management arena so it is only that fitting that our own process guru, Robert Hiebeler will be leading a break out session with Shawn Eckert titled ‘Practicing What We Preach’ and leveraging the innovations we have made over the last twelve (12) years implementing Process Visibility across industries. The APQC 2013 Conference will also be the first venue for process experts to get access to our latest tool RapidMapper which is available for sale to the public starting October 1, 2013.

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