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CPE Field GuideCPE Field Guide: The Definitive Operations Guide for Developers of Training for CPAs – by Ross Stern and Rod Mebane

St. Charles Publications, ISBN 978-0982663301, 2010

The CPE Field Guide is a well-organized collection of tips, tools, and templates for creating effective and engaging training programs for CPAs that satisfy the rigorous standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE). It is complete with 46 different tools organized according to a “5D” model used to chart the program creation process: Define, Design, Develop, Deliver, and Document. The CPE Field Guide is a must-have for anyone involved with the creation of CPE programs. It paints a “big picture” view of the entire process and then provides all of the tools needed to execute successfully.


Process VisibilityProcess Visibility – by Robert Hiebeler

New Word City, ASIN B00597RYEY, 2011

Process Visibility helps everyone – employees, customers, and partners, alike – see and understand an organization’s operations from beginning to end. And in so doing, it creates a common language that enables people to capture, share, and create institutional knowledge with ease. Competency spreads throughout the organization, collaboration increases, and problem solving becomes easier as a company’s supporting resources – training, tools, and policies – become readily available and discernible to all. Simply put, Process Visibility gives people what they need, when they need it, to do their jobs well every day.


Map Your ProcessesMap Your Processes – by Robert Hiebeler

New Word City, ASIN B006NUK98Y, 2011

This book shows a new way of seeing and describing business processes. Robert Hiebeler’s methodology and presentation style simplifies and clarifies the pertinent actions and procedures that make up each process, from beginning to end. As processes are mapped, a common language will emerge that allows people to easily capture, share, and create institutional knowledge. The result: Creativity blossoms, competency spreads, collaboration increases, and problem solving improves as a company’s training, tools, and procedures become accessible to all.


Map Your ProcessesProfit From Your Processes – by Robert Hiebeler

New Word City, ASIN B00BBF718M, 2013

In the third installment of his series on Process Visibility, Robert Hiebeler shows how companies can enhance their customers’ experiences while building employee skill and loyalty, both of which lead to improved profitability. He shares three case studies that vividly proves his point.


Best PracticesSummary: Best Practices – by Robert Hiebeler, Thomas Kelly and Charles Ketteman

Must Read Summaries, ASIN B006RINUN8, 2011

This work offers a summary of the book “BEST PRACTICES: Building Your Business With Customer-Focused Solutions.” Arthur Andersen conducted a $30 million research project to identify specifically what world-class companies do better than anyone else. Six business processes were identified and labeled “best practices’’ because they represent the optimum way for companies to achieve extraordinary results.Taken together, these six business processes combine in a total commitment to and focus on the customer. Best Practices is the book you need if you wish to learn from the best companies.