A Leadership Dilemma

It is critical that individuals in leadership positions help to create and sustain an effective learning environment, and one of the most critical success factors is for leaders themselves to become better learners. But, for a variety of reasons, leaders are reluctant to invest in their own professional development, particularly in difficult times. This well-developed “white paper” is based on original research and clearly advocates the important role of learning for leaders.

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Blended Learning: Recipes for Success

A learning strategy that relies on a rich variety of ingredients can convey the information in a context that also serves to strengthen corporate culture and position the organization for strategic advance. Blending the ingredients in deliberate ways to satisfy specific learning needs can create recipes for unprecedented performance success. Review this presentation to see the case for “blended learning.”

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Recruit for Success: Competency-Based Hiring

Most companies have tightened the hiring purse strings over the past two years. So, making sure each hiring decision is on target has never been more important. One of the best ways to ensure this is to get everyone involved in the talent supply chain on the same page every step of the way.

Competency-based hiring creates a common language for aligning all stakeholders in the process. Learn more about this important subject in a webcast presented by St. Charles’ director Roycee Kerr in conjunction with SkillsSurvey in January 2012.

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St. Charles Educational Technology Video

In the current climate, an organization needs to be exceptionally nimble in its ability to adapt to rapidly shifting circumstances … and to do it over and over again. It is the only way that an organization can survive and thrive in these challenging times. At the St. Charles Consulting Group, we refer to this survival quality as learning agility – the ability to learn and adapt at or above the speed of change. And, as a leading designer of learning strategies to improve business results, we help companies become more agile by strengthening their overall learning and development strategies. This visual demonstration clearly conveys that “the medium is the message.” Contact Kathy Dressel for more information.