The Stern Library is established to honor the work of Ross H. Stern – a man known for his intellect and insight, creativity and compassion, integrity and fairness, sense of humor, understated style, and boundless commitment to the betterment of others. (He has also been known for introducing elements of fun in the workplace and is a celebrated “roaster” of others … and even of himself.)

Ross is integral to the success of the St. Charles Consulting Group, just as he has been in all of his professional endeavors. Especially significant is the work he did for Arthur Andersen for 20 years in a variety of leadership roles in human resources and professional education. Many people are beneficiaries of Ross’s warm and open manner, balanced consideration, and thoughtful counsel. All who have met him are beneficiaries of his kindness and common touch.

The purpose of the Stern Library is twofold. First, it is intended to house distinctive books and other resources related to learning and development, broadly defined. Second, it is intended as a vehicle for people who know or know of Ross to acknowledge his contribution and impact in a personal way.

The holdings of the Stern Library are detailed below. Visitors are welcome to peruse the library on site (by appointment). Contributions are actively encouraged.

Contributions & Messages

Please send all books and other resource contributions to:

St. Charles Consulting Group
320 Cardinal Drive, Suite 400
St. Charles, IL 60175

If you have questions, please contact Amber Hays – by email at or by phone at 630-377-5555 x120.

If possible, please affix a bookplate to the inside front cover with a short message describing why you believe the contribution is a good addition to the Stern Library. You can download a customized bookplate for local printing. Or feel free to contact Amber Hays (above), and she will gladly prepare a bookplate according to your specifications.

Library Collection

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