Meet RapidMapper™!

November 2013
Issue 36

Shawn Eckertby Shawn Eckert

WIIFM… What’s In It For Me? A question that is often on the forefront, or at least in the subconscious, of most people’s minds …

The WIIFM question is not a matter of being selfish or picky, but rather a means of survival in the multi-tasking, do-less-with-more environment we all embrace. The WIIFM question is just about being a better time manager, I think.

So, let’s get right to the WIIFM question about why you should (or shouldn’t) meet RapidMapper, making it easy to help you decide if you should read on now, bookmark this for future consideration, or bounce out of here and move on to other pressing matters. (Don’t worry I won’t take it personally.)

In short, you should get to know RapidMapper if

you are in charge of, or have a significant role in, an important business process – such as recruiting, onboarding, financial auditing, training design, strategic planning, etc. – and your process is not currently very visible, accessible, aligned with content or is not contributing to the development of best practices for its user communities.

you need people to buy in to the process, understand it, and implement it effectively.

you are in need of a simple-to-use, easy-to-configure, process-driven content management toolset to equip workers with policies, tools, training, and best practice examples at their various points of need.

If you’re still reading, great. Here are a few more reasons to get to know RapidMapper.

So what exactly is RapidMapper?

  • It is a process visibility toolset that plugs into SharePoint using a custom “web-part” that takes minimal IT support to install and start using.
  • RapidMapper is a content-mapping and organizational framework tool that brings performance support content into the flow of work.
  • It provides an easy-to-navigate user interface that requires very little training to master, so in just hours, not days or weeks, users can leverage the toolset (with or without a background in process design or knowledge management).
  • RapidMapper can also be used to provide a best-practice design and implementation framework to enable flexible, repeatable, process-driven delivery systems.

Using an artistic metaphor, if SharePoint is a blank canvas, then RapidMapper delivers the paint and brushes and other tools required to organize your gallery, allowing users to access an organization’s painting collection easily and, when required, trace an existing work to jump-start a new masterpiece.

Similar to a blank spreadsheet, the content management possibilities in SharePoint are almost endless. When using business process as an organizing framework in SharePoint, the tasks required to assign or tag content become daunting for someone who is not an information systems professional. With RapidMapper, users simply follow the contextual map to determine where they are and what they are doing in a business process and to find the supporting content easily because it is visible to them and immediately accessible.

rr2-Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.53.41 AM

With RapidMapper you can easily …

  • Define your present process to conduct a “current state” assessment.
  • Capture processes from brainstorming sessions with colleagues to document elements of the new “desired state” process.
  • Copy and modify existing processes to evaluate various alternatives without having to recreate the wheel.
  • Create repeatable process frameworks, such as … one for employee onboarding, embedding content as required to reinforce often overlooked content in areas like career planning, peer reviews, workforce harassment policies, benefits, and more.
  • Package a business process for repeatable rollout to an intended audience, such as … one for a new sales and marketing strategy for account managers, complete with tips, tools, and techniques.

In all of these activities, key repeatable Phases, Activities, Tasks, and Steps can be clearly defined and made visible for others to learn and follow; and relevant information resources can be usefully aligned to the specific context of the work and made accessible at the time of need. RapidMapper resourcefully provides a roadmap, a GPS, and a tool chest for the knowledge resources that already exist in your organization.

What’s In It For You? And more importantly what can RapidMapper do for you? RapidMapper can:

  • Make visible processes and knowledge assets that are currently not easily accessible.
  • Improve the way work that you manage gets done.
  • Improve workers’ understanding of what they do and of how that fits into the bigger picture.
  • Decrease inefficiency, increase productivity, enhance innovation, enrich collaboration and synergy, and accelerate ROI for process-driven projects.
  • Lastly, RapidMapper can augment your leadership tools and contribute to your reputation as a “get-it-done” professional.

To learn more about RapidMapper, check out our recent media release or subscribe to our blogs by visiting our website or by contacting me via email Shawn Eckert or calling 602-284-3855.

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