The St. Charles Consulting Group was founded in 2002 in St. Charles, Illinois (a western suburb of Chicago) by two former partners of Arthur Andersen – one from its renowned Center for Learning & Personal Growth, based in St. Charles, and the other from Andersen’s global knowledge management practice, based in Chicago.

We currently operate out of 4 locations – St. Charles, Dallas, Phoenix, and Madison – to serve a client base that is broad and diverse. At present, we serve dozens of clients in our three primary solution areas – learning, talent, and process – and many of these clients are large companies with significant international operations.

Our network of consultants is also extensive and includes highly seasoned professionals whose skills are sharply honed in our various areas of service. Throughout our work, our commitment is to provide the highest quality of services, while priding ourselves on delivering solutions and products more efficiently and cost-effectively than many other firms. Our distinguishing characteristics include:

  • Our model is not a “high leverage” model. We use our experienced partners and core team members to strategize, design, develop solutions, and then we draw upon our vast network as appropriate to deliver the custom solutions. This model is efficient and ensures that the right knowledge is involved at each key step along the way.
  • We use proven, industry-leading methods, but we do not rely on just one methodology or conceptual model to frame a business problem. This allows our knowledgeable and resourceful team to custom design a solution that precisely meets your business needs.
  • We pair innovation and creativity with practical thinking. Our team understands that solutions must push your thinking, yet be relevant and workable within your environment. We understand and appreciate the perspectives from both sides of the table.
  • We apply a diverse set of skills and knowledge in our organization … from learning strategists and program designers, to coaching experts, to talent management leaders and workforce design professionals, to process architects and knowledge portal creators. We naturally blend the best thinking in all of these areas to develop integrated, comprehensive solutions.

One of our primary goals is to enhance our clients’ ability to learn and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and to thrive in the current business environment.