Building core management skills across a diverse workforce.

St. Charles Consulting Group was contacted by the head of the Learning and Development organization for one of the largest city governments in California. Their concern was the lack of basic supervisory and management skills for numerous supervisors across the organization. Given diverse backgrounds, the client was struggling with the appropriate focus for training for this audience.

Our Approach
We conducted a needs assessment to determine the highest priority areas. Using this information, we designed, developed and delivered two-day training sessions. A number of topics were introduced and covered at a high level, including communication, team building, coaching, employee development, motivation, problem solving, goals, conflict resolution, and employee relations. The participants were then surveyed as to which topics were critical needs. A deeper-dive of those selected, high-priority areas was then performed to determine specific competencies and skills requiring improvement.

The workshops received excellent ratings by the participants and provided essential knowledge which they were able to employ immediately. As a result of the training, we were contacted by the City’s Public Works department to provide specific communication training and by the City’s Legal office to provide the same training to their managers.