Developing and retaining key leaders prepared for the future.

A cutting-edge technology firm known for its entrepreneurial approach to business, had grown into a billion dollar company through acquisition and organic growth After successfully reorganizing, significant pressure was added to the 500 person sales and marketing organization. In order to alleviate these organizational pressures the company decided to focus on two critical areas: developing leadership skills of its managers, and improving overall employee retention.

Our Approach
After working with the client on a training initiative, St. Charles Consulting Group was engaged to help create a Guided Mentoring Program. The program was designed to encourage the exchange of information between current leaders and those employees identified as high-performers. We designed, developed and implemented a year-long career program that is now in its ninth year. Through the program, participants learn and grow through five separate two-day events.

Key elements of the program include leveraging 360o feedback of mentees with a focus on leadership and work style. The Birkman Assessment tool is utilized for group interaction and mentor / mentee pairing. Developmental milestones are set for a mentor / mentee relationship. Action plans are created for addressing development areas and follow-ups are performed to measure improvement. Mentees are engaged in action learning projects appropriate for their individual growth. Further, evaluations and discussions are conducted regarding an individual’s purpose, job role, as well as personal and professional aspirations.

As a result of program participation, mentees saw a 40% improvement in their performance evaluations. Promotion rates were 25% of mentors and 75% of mentees within the first year of program completion. The program prepared individuals for management succession and enabled them to tackle internal business issues and challenges through action learning projects. The Director of Education and Development said, “St. Charles Consulting Group made possible an environment to develop key leaders for the company’s future and to create a support network to retain and develop these individuals for the future.”