Providing strategic planning for the global sales organization.

A California based high-tech company reached out to St. Charles Consulting Group for assistance in providing strategic planning for their worldwide sales organization. The team needed help formulating their vision, mission, metrics, strategies, strategic initiatives (tactics) and operating plan. They were unsure of how to put these strategic elements in place.

Our Approach
We designed, implemented and facilitated a process enabling the client to develop a strategic plan. We guided the group through their current state and future state while utilizing SWOT and competitive analyses. During the second year of implementation, the process incorporated the Good to Great methodology to further improve strategies and start to positively influence the culture by addressing the “brutal facts.” Furthermore, we helped the client organize industry analysis and best practices around sales tracking, compensation models and coaching skills for the field.

The client has had significant advances in sales effectiveness, distribution management, and key account penetration and margin. The SVP of Sales and Marketing claims that “as a result of this strategic planning process, our leadership and teamwork is excellent”.

Although not a direct correlation to the strategic planning process the client’s business has grown 10% in a down market, will surpass their biggest competitor, and will command greater than 6% market share, which is by far the largest in their space.