Improving the recruitment and hiring process to ensure the right candidates are selected.

A large hotel and resort management company required assistance in redesigning their employee selection processes. Once the process was developed, interviewers at properties across the United States would then need to be trained in the new processes. The current interviewing approach did not give the interviewer the skills needed to truly assess the candidate’s ability to perform the role for which they were being considered. It was critical that the new recruiting and selection approach be one that could be applied successfully across a wide variety of properties.

Our Approach
Our team worked with the leadership of the company and with their parent organization to identify competencies critical to the success of their business. After defining and vetting the competencies with leadership, we led a multi-location project team to design a competency-based approach to hiring. Leveraging our experience in this area, we applied a critical behavior interviewing technique that more deeply analyzed a person’s past experiences. Using this information, the interviewer was able to determine how the candidate might perform in future situations.

We successfully collaborated with the client in all areas of the project – change management, communication and implementation planning. We developed two training programs. The first was focused on competency based hiring and the second was understanding and applying critical behavior interviewing.