Developing teams that are focused on the company’s success.

A large California-based mutual insurance company realized their business could be improved if the individual employees better understood and supported department goals. St. Charles Consulting Group was asked to create a Team Building program which established standards of behaviors, enabling team members to work together and improve the business results.

Our Approach
St. Charles Consulting Group designed, developed and delivered a complete Team Building program throughout various departments. The teambuilding focused on integrating individuals with departmental goals. Our methodologies included one-on-one coaching with the team leaders, facilitation of the teambuilding sessions, and use of various training approaches, including the Appreciative Inquiry method.

The insurance firm witnessed a dramatic improvement in how the teams worked together as units. Team effectiveness and managerial skills were both improved. As a result of the success, we were asked to facilitate additional teambuilding sessions both within and across departments. We have leveraged our Situational Coaching model as part of the program.