Supporting the business through a well-developed learning strategy.

One of the world’s largest global copper and gold mining company’s engaged St. Charles Consulting Group to review the current state of their equipment maintenance organization’s training and development program. We were asked to summarize our findings and develop a strategy for improving performance. The company’s annual spend on equipment maintenance in North America was in excess of $1 billion. An efficiently run equipment maintenance program was critical to the profitability of the enterprise.

Our Approach
In order to develop a strategy for going forward, we needed to understand the current state of knowledge sharing and perform a gap analysis. We interviewed personnel at the corporate office to ensure that our focus and approach was aligned with their perceived need. We built a project charter which would set parameters around the work. We selected representative mine sites and met with leadership in each location to determine their philosophy and approach to maintenance. We reviewed existing training materials and observed live training sessions, including meeting separately with faculty for debriefs. We conducted extensive one-on-one interviews with managers and department heads and ran multiple focus group sessions with representative maintenance professionals. In addition, we built two electronic surveys that went out to the entire maintenance organization to solicit their input. We were able to give the team a stake in the outcome which was reflected by the 80% response rate.

With the in-depth information we had collected, we developed a multi-pronged go-forward strategy to close the gap between current state and desired future state. Each of our recommendations linked back to the source of the information, making this tool even more valuable to management. We also provided and recommended the use of a “best practices” framework to share knowledge among the many mine sites in North and South America.