Designing and implementing a workforce strategy for a new, high-growth business.

A large commercial developer created an entity to offer a new level of customer experience in the areas of upscale retail, hospitality and entertainment. With several hundred employees in the early stages, the employee base was expected to increase in size to 50,000 employees over the course of only two years. St. Charles Consulting Group was engaged to design a workforce strategy, create a full human resource organization and develop a complete build-out of the employee developmental lifecycle.

Our Approach
This unique project leveraged many of the capabilities of our business. While our team designed all aspects of the workforce program, we also worked closely with other consultants to implement the many facets of the program in the timeframe needed by the client. We organized and managed a blended team of approximately 50 Human Resource and Learning professionals from six consulting firms in building out the three elements of the full program.

One of the core components of our workforce design was to create an on-boarding and on-going enculturation program for the thousands of new employees. We were tasked with ensuring the success of the employees by minimizing their time to competency and helping them to provide a customer experience unlike any others in the industry. Further, we created a training curriculum that was focused on employee engagement, cross-training, and customer service/satisfaction.

Using customized selection criteria, we identified and recruited individuals who were committed to customer service. Our on-boarding program enabled all new employees to understand their roles as well as the customer-focused culture of the organization. This program allowed the new employees to begin their jobs fully engaged and well prepared. By equipping the employees to be successful, we were able to substantially improve the retention of the workforce and increase guest satisfaction.