Producing sales results and greater skills for key account teams.

This global technology and management consulting firm had cutting edge ideas for a new key account sales strategy. The company wanted a comprehensive program designed to develop new skills, knowledge and behaviors of the firm’s Top 100 key account team leads. The program was to be developed to support a new strategy to sell to a company’s broad business issues versus selling pointed solutions.

Our Approach
Drawing upon our complete array of capabilities, St. Charles Consulting Group designed, developed and delivered a new Key Account Leadership Development program and related processes. We supported over 80 key account teams with hands-on account learning workshops, executive coaching on the firm’s new sales approach, company issue research support, and knowledge tools to help teams identify key account business issues and the process for linking the issues to solutions. We helped identify common issues across client industries and helped set the research agenda for firm-wide points-of-view development.

To support the Key Account strategy, we also designed, developed, and implemented an enterprise-wide Client Service Process to establish a standard architecture for its go-to-market strategy. This included the dramatic simplification and elimination of duplicative processes. Finally, we helped create a one-stop Knowledge Management portal to house the new simplified client service process, along with key common tools surrounding the process.

For the key accounts that participated in the program, the company realized dramatic increases in revenue and gross margin, versus accounts that did not participate in the program. For the account leads participating in the coaching component, we found a dramatic increase in job satisfaction, and confidence in their business skills. In particular, they noted they were more comfortable talking to C-Level executives about business issues, versus only selling what they could deliver.