RapidMapper is an intuitive, easy to use tool that allows you to quickly connect your people, processes and content in SharePoint.

St. Charles Consulting Group would like to share our latest product with you. It is called RapidMapper, and the product is a SharePoint application that makes it easier than ever to map your business processes.

RapidMapper was created to provide a tool for easily creating process maps, using the Process – Phase – Activity – Task – Step model, as outlined in the book Process Visibility by Bob Hiebeler.

RapidMapper bridges the gap between process mapping and document management, all within a familiar SharePoint environment. RapidMapper provides a way to easily connect important process documents, such as checklists, budget sheets, work instructions, and virtually any other type of document to a specific area of the business process. This allows a user to “drill-down” into specific areas of the process and retrieve only the documents that apply to those areas.

There is no longer any need to use complicated flowchart software or build a custom application to map your processes. RapidMapper is the only tool you need.

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