Many companies make the claim that “people are our most important asset” but, at St. Charles, we really mean it! The St. Charles Consulting Group is all about people – people who are smart, experienced. accomplished, creative, insightful, resourceful, energetic, and generally very accommodating to work with.

In relation to our people, we also have the intellectual capital that results from their work, and one impressive collection of work products may be seen in our Course Library – a library of 24 different business courses in the general category of leadership and management development. These courses are designed as instructor-led programs, and they can be combined in various ways to create customized curricula to meet the most pressing needs in your organization. Your own instructors can teach this material, or we would be happy to deliver the instruction on your behalf.

(Also see Viewpoints and Bookstore, elsewhere on this site, for other examples of the thought leadership of St. Charles people.)

Another resource dimension that is critical to our work is evident in the relationships that we have with others. Visit Strategic Alliances for a sampling of formalized relationships that we have in place with other important service providers.