"Your planning, instructional design, writing, change management, and project management skills have enabled our success. We couldn’t have done it without you..." - Director, Training & Performance Solutions, Global Leader in Food Service Industry Read More... "You have been suppliers to us of the best and most influential kind – intellectual talent. Your planning, instructional design, writing, change management, and project management skills have enabled our success. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we are so pleased to work with you! Our Train-the-Trainer last week was a milestone, and we received GREAT reviews. I’m sure our event was only the first of many great accolades to come. Thank you for your partnership!"

A Recognized Leader in Learning & Development

Given the pace of change in today’s economic environment and the need for businesses to be in continuous learning mode, we believe it is critical for companies to create and maintain a competitive edge when it comes to developing their people. The St. Charles Consulting Group is well known for its expertise in this area, and we offer a full spectrum of training and related services.

We help clients put learning strategies together, build leadership programs, create new training curricula, design and deliver training courses, apply training-related technology, and administer learning programs and systems. Our services cover all major delivery channels, including: live training (in-person, webcast), on-demand (self-study eLearning) courses, performance support resources, on-the-job training, mentoring programs, and individual and team coaching. Contact us for more information.

10-Point Learning Health Check

There are a variety of compelling reasons that an organization may look to St. Charles for improving the training and development offerings they have in place for their people. New systems and methodologies being rolled out … a recent acquisition or a merger with another organization … new transformational initiatives currently in play … inadequate internal staff resources – all of these present opportunities to make a difference with improved learning solutions.

In order to help prospective clients sort through the issues and to identify key learning & development priorities, we have developed a diagnostic methodology that we call the “10-Point Learning Health Check,” The 10 different checkpoints are depicted in the graphic below.

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We typically implement this diagnostic approach in a very short period of time and generate a list of priorities so that the client can quickly compile a meaningful action plan that is grounded in best practices. Contact us for more information.

Extensive Talent Sets

We rely on an extensive network of seasoned experts in learning & development to deliver high-value results to our clients. We have deep expertise in:

  • Learning strategy and adult learning theory
  • Learning assessment and evaluation
  • Course/curriculum design and development
  • Course conversion (to eLearning formats)
  • Content language translation
  • eLearning, mobile learning, and webcast design and production
  • Program delivery – instruction and facilitation
  • Professional coaching – executives, other individuals, work teams
  • Learning management system (LMS) configuration and administration
  • Session planning (registration, facilities scheduling, etc.) and logistical services
  • Certification compliance monitoring – process design and system administration
  • Assessment and measurement of program effectiveness

Given our ability to mix and match talent in these skill areas, and given the scalability of our consultant organization, we are capable of virtually any corporate learning assignment. Contact us to discuss particular challenges that you face.