Our Technology Services Span the Spectrum…

Sustained business success depends on efficient technology systems. St. Charles Consulting Group is committed to helping organizations with its learning solutions, talent solutions, and process solutions. However, in this context, technology systems are foundational to the people performance factors that are so critical to business results, and St. Charles maintains a high level of technology expertise within its consulting ranks. We apply this expertise to a variety of information technology challenges that businesses face today.

Application Integration

Companies have spent a lot of time and money on their systems, and many have not yet seen the value they planned for when making the significant system investment decisions. In some cases, the business environment shifts so quickly that certain solutions are often outdated by the time they are implemented. In other cases, off-the-shelf software applications have been brought in to meet specific business needs, but they prove to be incompatible with applications that are already implemented within the company. In still other situations, mergers and consolidations cloud the picture, and newly combined companies end up with multiple systems that do not communicate easily with each other.

Regardless of the conditions that contribute to a lack of alignment of internal systems, St. Charles provides services that help determine the best approach for a cost-effective integration solution. Developing integrated solutions that meet the requirements of all impacted parties takes a partner that understands business and industry needs, and St. Charles is positioned to help you make the right choices regarding the “where” and “how” of system integration.

Software Selection / Procurement

With so many software packages available today, the process of selecting the “right” software can be daunting. St. Charles, as your full-service software selection partner, can help your organization sift through complexity by defining the appropriate selection criteria and by including only those providers that meet your requirements. We then apply an independent evaluation process that ensures securing the best overall value and fit for the organization, taking into account business needs, time constraints, stakeholder interests, and full life-cycle costs. We can also help you implement the solution by supporting your organization with business process mapping, training, and technical and functional documentation.

Content Management & Collaboration

Whether you are organizing your current document libraries or designing internal or external collaboration portals, we can help you design and implement leading-edge content management and collaboration solutions. Using the latest software and our extensive business knowledge, we design solutions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce. We are also experts at preserving data integrity and security of access to protect your valuable knowledge resources.

Software Audits

For businesses that already have licensed software, St. Charles provides expert software audit services. Our experienced software consultants will evaluate the effectiveness of your software or database applications relative to terms of license agreements, key performance indicators, and other performance benchmarks. We will then prepare an audit report and review our findings with your team to determine the best strategies for moving forward.

Core Technology Experience

St. Charles has experience with a wide variety of full-service and custom software application providers. Our experience includes:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications
  • Database-driven Web Applications
  • Data Processing, Executive Dashboards and other Reporting Suites
  • Business Process Automation
  • Microsoft and Google Office Solutions

Application Customization and Development

Commercial off-the-shelf software packages often have many great features, but many lack features that are critical to successful application to your business’s success. Our software experts are well versed in techniques for identifying missing or misaligned functionality, and we will propose options for customizing applications to meet your specific organizational needs.

For companies who have design or functionality needs that cannot be met with packaged solutions, we also provide a full suite of software development services. St. Charles will walk you through the entire software life, cycle including: requirements gathering, scoping, and definition of specifications, followed by solution selection, architecture design, then testing and implementation. Finally, our team can provide complete documentation, training, and even ongoing system maintenance services.

Project Management

Many companies have multiple IT system projects in play simultaneously in order to reduce costs, improve services, streamlines processes, and/or launch new initiatives. While it is important for people internal to the organization to serve on teams that support these projects, many organizations do not have the experienced project management talent required to manage the different efforts and to drive these projects to successful conclusion. The discipline of planning, organizing, managing, leading, and controlling resources is critical to project success, and St. Charles can supplement your team with seasoned project managers who are deeply skilled in keeping projects on track. They are also adept at managing the communication demands associated with complex projects, and they know when and how to communicate efficiently and to escalate issues to senior management when required.


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