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Adaptive Learning

Master Faster. Retain Longer. Perform Better

When dealing with employee training, it can be time-consuming and expensive. You often face many challenges when you are onboarding and upskilling employees to make them proficient and productive. But, just because they are training, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are learning. Adaptive learning will provide better results, time savings, lower costs and has proven R.O.I. case studies with industries such as Healthcare, Technical services, Call Centers, and more. 

Our adaptive learning services will provide your employees with adaptive learning materials that change in real-time based on how well they perform. The process will figure out what the user already knows, identify the gaps, and create learning based on what they need to know, instead of what they want to know.

Reduce Training Time

  • Personalizes and adapts to what learners know and don’t know and deploys content accordingly
  • Focus on confidently held misinformation (CHM) and remediate

Learn The Process (Neuroscience)

  • Our platform’s algorithms personalize learning and adapt to each individual learner
  • Neuroscience proven A.I. based software that triggers the brain for long term memory and retention

Gain Valuable Insight

  • Valuable insights into the learner, the curriculum and the instruction
  • Personalize data to uncover learner effort, struggle, remediation, intervention, and coaching


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