Carson Johns


Carson’s expertise is in the dynamics of human interactions. He excels in identifying and drawing out the unique talents and strengths of individuals and teams. He builds on strengths and expands skill sets and mindsets to allow for exceptional performance.

Carson rocks, his training led to an excellent team productivity increase. We’ll be having him back regularly.

Sabrina Guzman, Founder of Hydrocycle

About Carson

He has over 15 years of experience in leadership development, management, training and coaching. He has worked and studied with thought leaders and business coaches all over the world. As a facilitator and coach, he specializes in transformation through engaging & interactive experiences. His concentration is on change management, developing leaders, attitude adjustments, outward focused communication, building exceptional teams, emotional intelligence, influencing with integrity and communicating persuasively across all outlets. He works with entrepreneurs, executives, sales teams, NPOs and PR firms all over the world. He consults internationally with companies such as: Intel, Deloitte, Expedia, Willis Towers Watson, MasterCard, Bank of America, BlackRock, NASDAQ, Microsoft, The Gates Foundation, SFPD and more.


Carson’s unique life experiences have offered him the opportunity to work with all levels of executives in many different fields. He is versatile and able to engage with multiple personality styles. His delivery method is fun, engaging and allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the programs he delivers. He is known to be personable and professional and adapts to the audience he is working with so that the participants create maximum value and learning. He has the practiced ability to connect and understand people’s challenges and obstacles in the workplace and overcome them through empowerment, awareness and personal responsibility.


Carson started his first production company at age 19 and partnered with a start-up in the early 2000s. He traveled the world on an adventure travel television show for a few years then produced an action sports show for ESPN and X Games. When he moved to San Francisco in 2004 he partnered with a leadership development training company and developed their business throughout California, becoming the most successful region of the country for over 10 years. He has also run a leadership camp for youth at risk in the Bay area, called Camp Choice. Carson studied psychology and business at The University of California, San Diego.

News & Updates 

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