Consistent Messaging Through Blended Learning Approach

Consistent Messaging Through Blended Learning Approach

Industry: Professional Services


A global middle market professional services firm launched a revolutionary new methodology. The goal of this methodology was to standardize language and process, improve leverage, and streamline the document completion process within the firm.  Once implemented, this system would result in a more consistent client service approach and allow for easier redistribution of resources.


St. Charles Consulting met with key stakeholders to discuss the overall implementation of the new methodology. One of the client’s key concerns was the critical importance of each office receiving the same standard and quality of training but there was significant pressure on costs and no desire to bring the entire practice to a central location for training. Due to the significant costs and complex logistical considerations associated with retraining the entire U.S. practice, we recommended a blended learning approach which was approved by the client.
The blended learning approach included a combination of webcasts, live classroom training and the use of computer generated avatars to deliver consistent classroom experiences for each practitioner. The webcasts were used in advance of the training so that firm leadership could communicate the overall rationale and key messaging associated with the change in methodology. Local office leaders were employed to demonstrate local support for the change and provide local context. The instructional strategy was to train local office instructors whose responsibility would be to facilitate the interactive activities, but delivery of content (to insure accuracy and consistency of content) would be handled by avatars.


The blended learning approach was well received by all stakeholder groups. The content was consistently delivered in every office, the overall instruction time was reduced, and the instructional content was readily available for those who had missed the session. Local office instructors did not have to spend time preparing to deliver lectures in content areas that they were not familiar to them. Lastly, significant transportation and housing costs were eliminated.

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