Converting 125+ Courses from ILT to VILT

Converting 125+ Courses from ILT to VILT

Industry: Professional Services


As part of a cost cutting measure, the CLO of a top tier global accounting service line was tasked with transforming over 125 instructor-led (ILT) training courses into a curriculum of virtual classroom courses (VILT).  St. Charles Consulting was given an aggressive deadline of 6 months to complete and test all courses.  This timeline was further challenged due to the newness of the VILT software to the firm. This significant learning curve would need to be addressed and overcome.


The St. Charles Program Manager and 20+ designers worked closely with each of the firm’s learning leaders and subject matter experts to re-design and develop these courses and ensure that all learning objectives were maintained, and that final deliverables were interactive and engaging.  In addition to design and development using a rapid-development software package, St. Charles Consulting created all additional media components; i.e. video and audio files, animation and branded graphics for all courses.  St. Charles Consulting worked closely with the virtual classroom technicians to create and update processes, templates, and tools for future conversion efforts by the internal Learning and Design team.  In addition to the conversion effort, St. Charles Consulting was asked to provide virtual classroom producers with deep knowledge of the software to ensure that course deliveries would be seamless for content expert instructors, and free of technical distractions throughout the course.


Upon completion of all courses, the firm was able to conduct required virtual training sessions led by trained instructors.  The instructors provided a consistent learning experience for all learners by being both knowledgeable in their content, and adept in the functionality of the delivery tool.  This delivery mode saved the firm thousands of dollars in travel expenses, and allowed participants to participate in the required training without disrupting client work and personal schedules.

Outlook and Trends Impacting Learning & Development

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