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We live in a world of information overload. Given the pace of change in today’s economic environment, the sheer volume of data and processes, and the need for businesses to learn continually, it is critical for companies to create and maintain a competitive edge when it comes to developing their people.

STCG Custom Learning Experiences for Enterprise Human Capital

Learners in organizations today want highly-engaging and experiential learning. While traditional face-to-face training still has its place, companies must evolve traditional learning forums and products that meet the learner at his/her point of need. Our best-practices Learning Strategy approach, training programs, and Instructor Management and Logistics solutions can be adopted separately or in combinations specifically customized to fit your needs.

Designed To Fit Your Organization’s Specific Needs

Your company, culture, and staff are unique. Shouldn’t the learning solutions you offer your staff also be unique? StCCG helps clients build leadership and management programs, design new hire and onboarding programs, create new training curricula, design and deliver training courses, apply training-related technology, and administer learning programs and systems. Our services cover all major delivery modalities and channels, including: live training (in-person, virtual classroom), on-demand web or digital eLearning courses, microlearning, social learning, performance support resources, and on-the-job training. We create them with your business’ goals, unique culture, and people at the forefront.

Proven Learning Techniques

StCCG employs adult learning theories and proven methodologies to assess the need and validate the best intervention possible. We then recommend the best experience and delivery mode for that content – whether that is live instruction, self-directed learning, social learning, microlearning, simulations, or any blend of these learning interventions. StCCG will work with you to determine the best design to meet your organizational and learning objectives.

Once the design blueprint is complete, our instructional designers and software developers partner to bring that design to life. The result of this effort is a highly-interactive and engaging learning experience that is customized to reflect the experiences, needs, culture and terminology of the organization. It’s a one of a kind experience where learners will identify and create memorable, usable experiences.

Our Custom Learning Experiences services include:

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