Business-Driven Solutions

Today’s challenging and rapidly changing business environments demand more from learning and development solutions. These changes require learning and development functions and their leaders to take a more active seat at the table with their business counterparts.

At StCCG, we are more than a group of instructional designers. We are former Learning and Business leaders who intuitively understand the challenges companies face. We are strategic thinkers, laser focused on delivering meaningful business value.

We bring perspective, objectivity, and a point-of-view. We are pragmatic in our design approach, with a focus on how your investment in a custom solution will enable your business strategy and achieve your objectives.

Our Custom Learning Experiences have assisted organizations to “move the needle” in a measurable way. Our custom solutions align to business initiatives related to Corporate Strategic Transformations, Risk Mitigation Solutions and Bottom Line Financial Impact.

We believe that the most effective solutions are co-developed with our clients, combining our best practices approach and expertise with our clients’ knowledge and business context. The net result are solutions which resonate immediately with your target audience.

Agile Design

We empathize with the ongoing challenges of creating solutions that echo your audience’s culture and are created quickly enough to solve the business challenge at hand. We use a “Design Thinking” approach to get to the best solution, which may or may not result in formal learning or training approaches.

Design Thinking uses a rapid prototyping methodology to quickly get to a mutually agreed upon design that resonates with our stakeholders and continues to get refined in subsequent iterations.