Custom Learning Solutions

    Human-Centered Design Approach


    St. Charles Consulting Group employs adult learning theories and proven methodologies to assess the need and validate the best learning interventions possible.

    Rather than the linear repetition of the traditional ADDIE model, StC’s Human-Centered Design approach leverages Agile development and design thinking concepts to structure learning design activities to occur more frequently and cover less content volume during each review cycle.  The approach produces learning content that more completely incorporate the needs of the learners, and produces more efficient, effective, and engaging learning. The use of this approach allows our clients and their targeted learners to experience the process in a more iterative manner and ensures the learners’ buy-in through engagement in the process.

    Human-Centered Design Approach Graphic


    By engaging learners, subject matter resources (SMRs), reviewers, and other stakeholders more frequently to discuss smaller content iterations, StC:

    • Provides the client more visibility into the process and the and design
    • Shortens the turnaround times for reviews and approvals due to reduced content volume and a more defined content cycle
    • Confirms the direction and accuracy of our work, thereby reducing errors, rework and missed deadlines

    Outlook and Trends Impacting Learning & Development

    On today’s episode, we look at Part 2 of the current business landscape for L&D, what are the trends that are driving change, and what are the implications on Learning within organizations.