Custom Learning Solutions

    Human-Centered Design Approach


    St. Charles Consulting Group employs adult learning theories and proven methodologies to assess the need and validate the best learning interventions possible.

    At St. Charles, we use an iterative and human-centered approach to design and develop learning content as depicted in the following graphic below.

    Human-Centered Design Approach Graphic

    Rather than the linear repetition of the traditional ADDIE model, StC’s process leverages Agile development concepts to structure the design and development activities to occur more frequently and cover less content volume during each review cycle. By engaging learners, subject matter resources (SMRs), reviewers, and other stakeholders more frequently to discuss smaller content iterations, we will be able to:

    • Provide them with more frequent visibility into the content we are developing;
    • Shorten the turnaround times for reviews due to the smaller amounts of content and the narrower review scopes at each review; 
    • More Quickly confirm the direction and accuracy of our work, thereby reducing errors and rework.

    Our design approach also incorporates the elements of human-centered design throughout. These include (among other things): conducting research via focus groups and other means to thoroughly understand the needs, expectations, and experiences of the learners and other stakeholders; actively including learners in the design and development phases to collect their input and feedback in a collaborative and participatory way; and testing and iterating potential learning content with sample learners to collect and incorporate additional input and feedback.

    In our experience, our human-centered design approach produces learning content that more completely incorporate the needs of the participants, and that produces more effective and engaging learning experiences, in a more efficient and rapid time frame, while ensuring that our clients have a clearer understanding of our work and progress throughout.