How the NBA is Developing Leaders with Mike Kennedy

How the NBA is Developing Leaders – highlights from our podcast interview with Mike Kennedy. 

The pendulum of learning and development programs is constantly swinging back and forth. On one side is the more data-driven, measured, and formal approach. On the other is the more human and empathetic approach to developing leaders.
Michael Kennedy is the Learning and Development Leader for the NBA, and he’s trying to balance these two approaches. 

Michael and his team have recently rethought their philosophy on leadership; they wanted to take an approach that was simultaneously balanced and business-minded. So, in 2017, they revamped their L&D program to be much more holistic, featuring personalized programs. Their approach aimed to take advantage of the latest technology while remaining focused on the human and community aspects of learning.
Most importantly, these leadership programs were no longer only available to new employees or existing team members starting new roles – they made the content available to all members of the organization.

While Mike specifically tailored programs to reach senior NBA leaders, who had been their roles for decades in some cases, this new philosophy and resultant approach stated that learning is a continual process for all. Learning doesn’t stop being vital when you reach a certain level of management.
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