Kelley Hazen


Part life coach, motivational speaker, facilitator, teacher, Kelley Hazen has a passion for connection. A specialist in 21st-century leadership skills, Kelley uses data and theory combined with innovative non-linear physical & intellectual discovery techniques to ignite personal development and change the face of team building.

Kelley brings learning to life. She has an amazing ability to connect learning concepts with real examples of how they apply to the individual both on a personal and professional level.

Her energy and enthusiasm enable her to create a positive learning experience for everyone and leaves a lasting impact. 

Diana Luhman, VP, Human Resources, Nisum

About Kelley

Kelley is adept at storytelling and guidance in role-playing and using an understanding of your corporate structure and goals Kelley can harness imagination, creativity, self-awareness, and empathy to create a work environment that promotes loyalty, support, tolerance, and family. God forbid we should love our jobs. God forbid we should want to come to work each day. Kelley can elevate the words on your website from a marketing tool to a corporate-wide philosophy embraced & practiced by all.

Kelley received her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Florida State and Bachelors of Fine Arts, Summa Cum Laude, from William Woods University. 


News & Updates 

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