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There is more content being generated per minute than ever before in the history of the world. How will you curate effectively to harness the value of content that exists for the purpose of preparing your people for your tomorrow?

St. Charles Learning Curation Methodology
St. Charles Learning Curation Methodology

Assessment of your content landscape will ensure that you don’t head down the content curation path blindly. Our curation strategy and assessment services will help your organization pinpoint strengths and opportunities. We will also highlight priorities and gaps relative to content, process, and overall infrastructure. As content curation becomes a key facet of an organization’s L&D strategy, the following must be considered:

  • Alignment between content curation strategy and business goals.
  • The volume and availability of content and avoidance of content overload.
  • On-going discovery of relevant and context specific content to support user performance.
  • Content organization and intuitive accessibility at point-of-need.
  • Integration of content curation within the overarching L&D strategy.

Curation without a strategy results in disparate content lacking core themes and purpose, as well as unoptimized technology investments. Our focused approach to learning content curation strategy design can help your organization effectively outline your content curation strategy in consideration of people, process, content, technology, and measurement and governance approaches. A key success element in your strategy is the communications and change management plan to drive adoption across the enterprise.

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