Managed Services

Talent Resourcing


Due to the uncertainty of the business environment, organizations are choosing to engage talent in more flexible ways.


While many organizations seek to use third-party labor to be more efficient and manage costs, finding qualified talent with the appropriate business perspective and learning expertise that can integrate into your culture is easier said than done.

St. Charles provides tenured, quality resources that result in:

  • Staffing only proven talent specialists
  • Delivering quality
  • Staffing of projects in 5 days or less (on average)
  • Providing services agreement to reduce co-employment risk
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Our talent resourcing solutions have benefited our clients by:

  • Producing higher-quality deliverables
  • Reducing turnover of contract resources
  • Lowering administrative costs of selecting and contracting new resources
  • Reducing the co-employment risk of long-term contractors


Outlook and Trends Impacting Learning & Development

On today’s episode, we look at Part 2 of the current business landscape for L&D, what are the trends that are driving change, and what are the implications on Learning within organizations.