Managed Services

Learning technologies, often treated as the “silver bullet” to an organization’s learning and development challenges, is one enabler of a comprehensive learning strategy.

    Technology Selection & Adoption

    The myriad of potential technology-enabled learning solutions can be both mind-numbing and overwhelming for even the most savvy and well-connected learning leader.  This is an ever-changing landscape of providers that is growing and changing daily.  Whether it be digital content, enterprise-wide learning management systems, learning experience platforms, virtual classroom delivery platforms, curation technologies, measurement solutions or logistics and scheduling tools, the form and nature in which these technologies all integrate into an overall learning ecosystem is the opportunity to strike gold for most companies.

    StCCG assists clients in making a thoughtful decision regarding how and when to choose to adopt and implement new learning technologies.  We help our clients address the following questions:

    • How will my existing learning technology hold up against my learning strategy?
    • Is my organization prepared from a governance and change management perspective to adopt a new learning technology?
    • What key benefits will our business gain by L&D making these technology investments?
    • What are the risks to learner adoptions and success?
    • How will all the data that currently existing get migrated into these systems?
    • Where does my IT organization need to get involved to support and enable these learning technology investments?

    Our process for helping clients make technology selection and adoption decisions, aligns directly back to our approach to Learning Strategy & Governance.  We ensure the same six lenses of strategy are applied to all technology decisions to ensure business results are achieved.

    The Roadmap document is focused on the transition from your current state to the new proposed state.  This document will include:

    • High Level Project Planning for Implementation
    • High Level Migration Strategy
    • Recommended approach to Change Management
    • Visual Implementation Map and Phases
    • Suggested Timeline