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Going back as far as Socrates, the role of teacher has been a foundational part of every society known to man.

Enterprise Instructor Management and Logistics

In the corporate learning world, the industry is abuzz with emerging technologies, self-directed learner solutions, artificial intelligence, web bots and the list goes on.  These new methods all have their value but the fact remains, the value of the teacher (instructor, facilitator) remains a constant, reliable method for reaching learners, making connections and transferring knowledge, whether done in the same physical location or by leveraging virtual classroom tools.

The investment in full-time instructor resources can be expensive, and keeping utilization levels high can be challenging. The dedicated headcount for instruction is rarely enough to meet demand, particularly when special projects, such as a system implementation or new product rollout occur.

At StCCG, our Instructor Management solutions enable our clients to:

  • Respond to fluctuations in demand
  • Gain access to qualified subject matter and industry experts
  • Reduce costs by increasing utilization rates
  • Effectively manage deployment of internal and external instructors

Our instructor network consists of proven team members who have successfully delivered thousands of hours of content in business skills, soft skills, industry technical skills and technology training.  We also staff instructors to the specific business requirements of our clients and manage the entire process:

  • Staffing Levels
  • Recruiting, Selection and Certification
  • Scheduling and Deployment
  • Evaluation and Measurement
  • Invoicing and Payment

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