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Due to the uncertainty of the business environment, organizations are choosing to engage talent in more flexible ways.

While it is a great way to be efficient and manage costs, finding qualified talent with a business perspective and learning expertise that can easily assimilate into your culture is easier said than done.  In some organizations, learning and HR departments turn to temporary staffing agencies to hire contract labor.  Often these resources are unknown and unproven, causing you to assume the considerable risk and can result in:

  • Low-quality deliverables
  • High turnover of contract resources
  • High administrative costs of selecting and contracting new resources
  • Co-employment risk of long-term contractors

How is Talent Resourcing Different?

At St. Charles, our managed services solution results in:

  • Proven specialists in talent development and learning that stand behind their work
  • Accelerated project staffing with high-quality talent; 5 business days on average
  • Experienced teams that know your industry and have previous experience in delivering the specific solutions your business requires
  • Reduction in co-employment risk by contracting for a specific set of learning services, not just temporary labor
  • Set service levels to accurately measure the return on your investment
  • Reduction of forced rotations of temporary staff on a set schedule; which retains cultural, business and contextual knowledge required to deliver quality learning solutions
Workforce Augmentation and Talent for Learning Departments

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