Strategic Consulting

Organizational Change Management

Whether the change is holistic and transformational in nature or less impactful in scale, St. Charles’ enables organizations to move through these changes gracefully and effectively managing both organizational and individual impact. Change activities applied are pragmatic and integrated from inception through post-change sustainability.

The Phases of Organizational Change Management:

  1. Plan Initiative & Set Vision
  2. Analyze the Need
  3. Design and Mobilize the Change Architecture
  4. Implement Change
  5. Measure, Improve, Sustain


A more scalable approach ensures that leadership and employees are aligned with new ways of working and planned business value is achieved.

Our approach yields:

  1. Less disruption to the business
  2. Improved leadership alignment
  3. Improved employee engagement
  4. Realized business efficiencies

Outlook and Trends Impacting Learning & Development

On today’s episode, we look at Part 2 of the current business landscape for L&D, what are the trends that are driving change, and what are the implications on Learning within organizations.