Kathryn Manning

Director, Change Management

Kathryn Manning brings over 28 years of business experience assisting companies in improving performance through change management, effective communications, competency assessments, operational and client-service process design, business strategy development, leadership and high potentials development, training curriculums, and course development.

Kathryn began her career with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in computer systems and then moved into internal training assessment and development where she served as an industry education manager. During 10 years in Andersen education, Kathryn assisted in defining the competency development needs of assigned industries, designed curriculums, knowledge transfer approaches, and developed and implemented courses ranging from instructor-led to multimedia simulations.

Later moving into Arthur Andersen’s Business Consulting division, Kathryn expanded her skills to change management and communications, organizational development, M&A post-merger integration, strategy development, and methodology development. Kathryn specialized in working with executives to communicate during difficult organizational transitions such as mergers and reductions in force. She developed a critical communications methodology and toolkit for use with clients. Kathryn worked with clients such as Pepsi-Americas, the Tribune, PPG, Chicago Bridge, and Iron, Quaker Oats, Novartis.

Kathryn served as a director at Parson Consulting (Management Consulting Group PLC) to build methodologies for over 20 best practice-based service offerings. Kathryn also developed and conducted Parson’s global executive development program. Trained and certified by the Center for Creative Leadership in executive assessments and coaching, Kathryn helped hone the skills and behaviors of high potential managers. At Parson, Kathryn provided change management services to clients in the financial, manufacturing and services industries.

As a director with StCCG since 2009, Kathryn serves clients by building and implementing organizational change management programs for companies undergoing significant change or launching high impact initiatives. Kathryn’s recent change management projects have included an organizational restructuring and reduction in force for a high-end design and retail fashion company in NY, skills and behavioral training for Child Welfare caseworkers in NY based on a state reform initiative, launching collaborative document sharing technology and a data retention process that included significant shifts in culture and deep work habits. Kathryn has also lead change management efforts for ERP system implementations, a multi-year development of operational best practices for a highly volatile manufacturing process, training curriculum and new LMS launch across nine previously independent manufacturing facilities, relocation and expansion of a 100-year-old manufacturing operation to an in-process build of a high-tech facility with no interruption to customer orders, the launch of new HR philosophy and process for a professional services firm, launching a contested expense reporting and corporate card program plus assisting in the development of a new vision for engagement data management for professional services firms.

Kathryn has worked with executives to articulate, prioritize, communicate and track business strategies, engage employees through effective, multidirectional communication of initiatives, build partner-level client relationship training, development of training curriculums, instructing courses and implementing communication strategies including coaching leaders in becoming champions for change.

Kathryn received her Bachelor of Science in Business from California State University, Long Beach and her Masters in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.