Strategic Consulting

Measurement & Analytics Assurance


As we work to align learning to the strategic business drivers of our clients, the final piece of the puzzle that is often missing, is a clearly defined strategy to measure impact.  Everyone knows it is needed, but the road to success is often less traveled.

For nearly two decades, St. Charles has been guiding and enabling organizations on how to best prepare their people for their tomorrows. Engaging in all aspects of resource integration resulting from M&A activities, St. Charles works with companies to ensure the business can operate before, during and after the integration and achieve its organizational and growth goals.

Issues addressed include:

  • How should the organization be organized now and in the future?
  • How do we measure competency and skill in our current workforce, identify gaps and align people into roles?
  • How do we fill skill gaps?
  • What is the most effective means to communicate to our people and when should we distribute those communications?
  • How should transformational changes be managed as we move toward a new way of operating?
  • How should compensation, rewards and recognition be determined during and after the integration?