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All leaders want and need more business value from their learning and development investments. At St. Charles, our goal is to help you position Learning and Development as a strategic enabler that yields effective and efficient solutions.

We will help you build talent development strategies that prepare your resources to respond to key business challenges and maximize their value. The establishment of a proper governance structure is necessary to gain a full understanding of key business challenges your company faces, and associated learning needs. It also serves to capture initial and on-going input to your Learning and Development strategy and build an appropriate level of sponsorship to enable your strategy. Our services focus on:

  • Identification and implementation of a governance model to engage and align the various learning owners throughout the organization
  • Development of a non-bureaucratic process to ensure that both commonalities and differing needs of each business are considered strategically
  • Creation of a relevant and implementable Learning and Development strategy
  • Inventory and assessment of learning initiatives across the organization
  • Identification of opportunities for collaboration and synergy across people, process, technology and content
  • Alignment and prioritization of learning technologies and infrastructure needed to support employee development
  • Optimization of resources, vendor partners and tools

Our methodology for establishing a relevant, effective and efficient learning strategy focuses on six critical areas:

St. Charles - learning governance considerations strategy
St. Charles Learning Governance Model

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