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As we work to align learning to the strategic business drivers of our clients, the final piece of the puzzle that is often missing, is a clearly defined strategy to measure impact.  Everyone knows it is needed, but the road to success is often less traveled.

Learning Measurement and Analytics for Machine Age

Return on Investment (ROI) is what everyone desires, but few can afford the time and budget investments required for those true measures. How do you create a reasonable, actionable measurement approach that is data-driven but does not collapse under its own weight?

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Focus on accountability
  • Create a measurement strategy focused on business impact that is tangible and attainable

We have a singular goal to enable the performance of your people. As you invest in learning programs, whether built, bought or curated, defining a clear strategy to evaluate the achievement of learning objectives and ultimately measure business impact should not be forgotten.

Our approach is pragmatic. We don’t bury you in data or risk analysis paralysis. We focus on two key aspects, the power of data and the impact storytelling can have on your audience. Lastly, we believe in baselining success. Who are the exemplars in the organization we should mirror? What does success in action look like?

How do we get there? Our StCCG Measurement & Analytics approaches include:

  • Business Impact Mapping
  • Assessment/Evaluation Strategy and Design
  • Metrics and Dashboard Reporting Design and Implementation

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