St. Charles Consultants,

Thank you for registering and completing your profile in our new consultant database, Connect2Engage (C2E).  We appreciate you logging in and updating your information. This will be a huge help to us as we look to staff projects, and a benefit to you in staying current on the latest happenings at St. Charles. Connect2Engage will also serve as the primary communication channel to you, our consultants.  And, speaking of communication, welcome to the first edition of our newsletter, News2Use!  As part of the Connect2Engage launch earlier this summer, we are starting a monthly newsletter for our consultants. News2Use will be sent from C2E and provide you with important information and resources selected for you.  Content might include the latest methodologies or research in instructional technology, developmental opportunities, consultant spotlights, policy updates, etc.  News2Use will be housed in the C2E Knowledge Base for future access.


 We want your ideas!

It is the goal of St. Charles Consulting to be the “company of choice” for our contracted consultants. You are part of our success and we want to help you stay engaged, connected and a valued member of our team.  During 2017 we launched the C2E database and 2018 will have even more enhancements and improvements intended to make working with St. Charles Consulting easy, challenging and fun.  As we begin the planning process, we are looking for your input. How can we make working with us easier and help you grow as a professional?  Please send your ideas to Kris Weber,  We will share your aggregated ideas in next month’s newsletter.


St. Charles Consulting Launches New Website


St. Charles has a new look!  Please take a moment to check out our new website to learn more about our services, success stories and people.


Creating v. Curating


Have you heard the term, “concept curation?” Training Industry’s website defines content curation as “…the process of sorting through vast amounts of web and enterprise based content and presenting it in an organized and meaningful format. The term has been popping up in blogs and industry journals and creating quite a buzz among learning professionals.  Gina Ann Richter, PhD has joined St. Charles Consulting and is our resident expert on custom content curation.  Take a look at Gina’s recent blog on curation. Feel free to reach out to Gina to share your curation experiences and learn more about ours.