Transform Learning Within Your Organization With Adaptive Learning

Transforming Your Organization with Adaptive Learning

If your organization is facing the challenges common to so many organizations delivering learning in the same way it’s been done for decades, read on!

Learning professionals share a common concern that present content is:

  • Non-engaging
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Delivered through static courses that are the same for every learner, despite each learner having a different set of knowledge strengths and gaps

This is an unproductive process that does not engage the individual in the learning process, needlessly elongates learning courses, and for the most part, delivers short-term memorization vs. long-term content mastery.

Leveraging A.I.

The key to changing this paradigm is to adopt a personalized adaptive learning solution that leverages AI and analytics to drive an exceptional learning experience. Each learner invests their learning time on the content that they need and haven’t mastered and quickly tests out of the content that they already understand. Organizations find that this type of learning helps to continuously develop knowledge and skills in a far more productive and engaging manner. Additionally, confidently held misinformation, another challenge organizations face when learners zip through unengaging content, is identified and remediated. Misinformation can result in issues as simple as an ineffective process or increased cost, but it can also have much more serious consequences related to customer service, regulatory compliance, or even serious health and safety issues. Real-time identification and remediation of confidently held misinformation serve to avoid these issues.

Organizations that are leading the way in learning and development are leveraging adaptive learning, AI, and analytics to continually deliver the right content in the right format at the right time to individual learners. The technology embraced by these organizations provides learners with the content they need to master in their roles, eliminating repetitive and irrelevant material. Adaptive learning technology also provides insights into the learner’s journey toward mastery by providing them with a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and where to focus their efforts.

Leveraging Analytics

Accurate tracking and reporting of a learner’s path to mastery are crucial to L&D organizations. Adaptive learning technology provides the learning organization with a wealth of data about each learner, in addition to information about the effectiveness of their current content. For the first time, a wealth of insightful data is at the fingertips of L&D organizations, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to evolve and make changes that will drive organizational improvement and clearly-defined year one ROI.

A recent study by Brandon Hall Group found that organizations that adopt an adaptive learning approach significantly improve business outcomes while reducing the cost of training each employee.

Brandon Hall Adaptive Learning Study

In summary, companies now have the exciting opportunity to leverage technology to create effective and engaging personalized learning by adapting the learning experience to how the learner interacts with the content. An adaptive learning path, powered by intelligent data, ensures that each learner moves forward at the pace and direction that are aligned to their strengths and gaps, resulting in 100% mastery of content crucial to execute their job. By shortening training time, drastically improving employee time to proficiency, reducing the cost of non-compliance, health, and safety-related issues, and regulatory errors, the L&D organization now has a clear line of sight to their impact on the company’s top and bottom line.

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