Strategic Consulting

Transformation Management


Large-scale initiatives that involve significant change often fail, and, the most prevalent reason for failure is not broken processes, implementation challenges, systems issues, or organizational structures. It is people resisting to adapt to new ways of working.


Change is inevitable. Whether you’re transforming due to ownership, structure, process, technology, or strategy changes, St. Charles can help you effectively manage and ease the transition.

Managing and enabling change should never occur in a vacuum. The success of any initiative depends upon the business’ readiness to accept it. St. Charles looks beyond the traditional confines of managing change and instead focuses on the ability and readiness of the organization and its people for change.

Our approach is visible and practical and most importantly aligns to the strategic business objectives that facilitated the need for the change in the first place.

Our key Business Readiness elements include:

  • Linkage to broader initiatives to leverage organizational momentum
  • Use of role transitions to build understanding – what needs to “start, stop, and continue?”
  • Enablement and performance through just in time information, training, and toolkits that focus on ensuring desired outcomes