Values-Based Learning Program Mitigates Organizational Risk

Values-Based Learning Program Mitigates Organizational Risk

Industry: Energy


A multi-national energy services company’s core values and individual performance expectations were not defined, communicated, trained, or applied consistently across the organization. This lack of a defined and supported values system contributed to high levels of hotline calls, turnover, employee relations issues, pockets of low morale, and ultimately lawsuits and loss of life.


St. Charles Consulting worked closely with the executive suite and other senior leaders to understand the impacts and risks, and developed two live learning courses for both Senior Leaders and Managers and Supervisors globally (delivering to 2,200 participants in 10 countries). The course included case scenarios, videos, and simulated exercises that were tailored for each group making the application of content relevant for all levels. Educational methods included key messages from leadership delivered through video, introduction of company’s Core Values content, video vignettes scripted and produced to reflect real work incidents and reports, small group exercises designed to let participants practice application, and interactive methods polling using participants’ own mobile devices. Lastly, St. Charles Consulting designed and developed supporting materials and microlearning to be deployed by managers to the remaining 12,000 employees.


Since completing the rollout to the entire global organization, the organization has seen a significant decline in the number of incidents and undesirable behavior. When responding to post-learning evaluations, 98% of senior leaders agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “I believe that our organization’s culture will be positively impacted if Executives, Managers, and Supervisors apply the principles presented in this training.”

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