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St. Charles Consulting Group helps employees navigate change and experience success by delivering comprehensive talent development solutions that focus on Preparing Your People for Your Tomorrow.

St. Charles Consulting for Learning Strategy, Measurement and Curation Services

St. Charles Consulting Group is known for helping mid- to large-sized organizations maximize the value of their talent by providing strategic consulting, innovative learning solutions, and managed services. The genesis of our firm has its roots in the world-renowned Andersen Worldwide Training and Development Center, located in St. Charles, Illinois. We continue to grow and build on that legacy of quality learning by not only using time-tested practices but also researching and innovating talent development solutions in our Innovation Center, The HIVE.

Our innovative perspective on what needs to be done to design, build and support people solutions for our clients is derived from years of experience. From our former experience, at large, preeminent consulting firms, we know first-hand how to provide the highest quality service and products in the most sophisticated manner; yet we pride ourselves on delivering solutions and products more efficiently and cost-effectively than other, larger firms.

Our solutions and our success are powered by over 400 consultants in the fields of learning, organization development, knowledge services, and workforce planning. We have invested over the last 16 years to build a premier, management consulting organization delivering hundreds of talent development solutions to over 120 client organizations.

In addition to our U.S.-based satellite locations and off-shore development operations, we operate out of two primary locations – St. Charles, Illinois which serves as our Client Delivery Operations Hub and Innovation Center, and Dallas, Texas which serves as our Headquarters and Shared Service Center.

Our goals are simple. We strive to:

  • Enhance your organization’s ability to learn and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances
  • Help you anticipate what is needed to attain strategic objectives
  • Ensure your people thrive in both current and future business environments by Preparing Your People for Your Tomorrow

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